all-five-presidents (1)

Clinton: “Yo W, I bet you picked out Dad’s socks”.

W: “Really Bill? What you been not inhaling this time?”

Bush Sr: “I smell peanuts.”

Carter: “If that chair rolls over my foot I’m blaming Israel.”

Obama: “Yeah W, right there. That’s the spot.”

Clinton: “I dare you to push him George.”

Carter: “I know I am supposed to be a humanitarian, but I really want to tip over this chair.”

W: ” I just realized we’re standing in order.”

Obama: “Hope I’m back in time to watch Dr. Oz.”

Bush Sr.: “I wonder how many people will realize I wore these socks as a joke.”

Clinton: “For the record W, I thought Condoleeza was smoking.”

W: “I’m telling everyone I read all the books in here.”

Carter: ” Why am I here again? Oh yeah, I was a president too. Almost forgot.”

Obama: “I’m the only one here with a real job.”


David Groen is the author of “Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi-occupied Holland”.  Click here to learn more.


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